The Comfort Keepers® Hiring Process

The Comfort Keepers® Hiring Process

Becoming a Comfort Keepers® in-home caregiver is a great way to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families and to make a positive impact on your own life.

Once you've decided this is the next step you want to take on your career path, applying to become part of the Comfort Keepers team is easy and convenient with a simple process designed to get you where you want to go.

How To Apply To Be A Comfort Keeper®

Apply online

You can find and apply for Comfort Keepers jobs online, by phone, and at local hiring events. is the first and best place to go to find open positions in your area. Just enter your ZIP code to view all the job openings near you.

If you don't have a resume prepared to share, don't worry. Our hiring team will ask you some questions to help determine if you're a good fit for us, and just as importantly, if we're a good fit for you.

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Call our office

Another convenient way to apply for a Comfort Keepers position is to call us on the phone. You can speak with a local team member who will help you with next steps including how to apply and perhaps even set up an appointment for an interview. Contact Us

Chat with Comfort Keepers virtual recruiter

In some cases, we provide an option for you to chat or with text Joy, our- virtual recruiter. Simply follow the prompts, and Joy can help schedule an interview for you!

What to expect during the interview process

Although the Comfort Keepers interview process can vary slightly from office to office, the process is similar across the board. Generally speaking, the first thing you'll do is set up your interview. You'll schedule this with your local office.

Interviews can be virtual, via video chat or phone call, or can be in-person, at the office. During your interview, you'll be asked about your availability and experience, whether you're interested in a full-time or part-time position, and what type of schedule works best for you.

Following your interview, you could be offered a position that same day or asked for a follow up interview or phone call.

We do require background checks as a part of our hiring process, so any job offer, or timing of an offer will be contingent upon the results of your background check. This, as well as any regulations in your state, may also dictate how quickly you can start your job, if you accept an offer. Our goal is always to get you started as quickly as possible.

Traits of a Caregiver Candidate

Comfort Keepers caregivers come from all kinds of personal, educational, and professional backgrounds and they vary in age and stage of career.

And while each one has their own talents, perspectives, and motivations, they all share important qualities that make them perfect for our unique style of uplifting in-home care services. First and foremost, every Comfort Keeper is driven by empathy - they understand the feelings of others on a personal level.

Comfort Keepers are also highly compassionate; they are sympathetic to the needs and challenges of others, and they want to help them find more joy and fulfillment in their daily lives.

We hear from Comfort Keepers over and over again that they chose this career because they have a sincere desire to make a difference in people's lives and care about the seniors and families they work with. For them, being a caregiver isn't just a job - it's who they are.

Onboarding and Caregiver Training

Once you've accepted a position with us, you'll be welcomed aboard with a paid training period.

We provide a full orientation and onboarding program that includes online courses and guidance on any training required by your state and local regulations.

You can rest assured that our caregiver training will give you the skills, tools, and information you need to take great care of your clients, and yourself.

Once you've completed your orientation and onboarding, you'll work with a teammate in your office to establish your starting schedule.

At Comfort Keepers, caring is at our core. While our caregivers are elevating the spirit of our clients every day, we're here to elevate your spirit and give you the support you need as a caregiver.

If you're ready to make a difference in someone's life, including your own, visit and apply today.