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Senior Care Jobs

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Looking for a career where you can make a positive difference in the lives of others? How about an agency that understands the first step to providing quality care to seniors is to provide a quality work environment for its caregivers? Look no further, Comfort Keepers is the right fit for you!

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We are SO PROUD to have been able to nominate Lynn Merwin as Comfort Keeper of the Year!  She truly is a model to help us elevate the human spirit, as well as a wonderful person and caregiver. See why Lynn chose to join our team and apply today to become a Comfort Keeper just like her! -Marlin Duncan, Comfort Keepers Owner

"I love what I do. When someone looks at me and tells me that I'm the most important thing in their life, that's moving."

Our Philosophy of Care

As a Comfort Keeper, you will be working one-on-one with seniors to assist with personal care, housekeeping, companionship, and transportation needs.  However, what really makes our team true to their name is their ability to also care for a senior's physical, mental, nutritional, and safety needs.  These are necessary to help them live a higher quality life, and possibly extend their independence.  We call it Interactive Caregiving, and it is at the heart of everything we do.

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Have you ever given any thought to working in the in-home care field? Caring for other people is an honorable and rewarding job that improves the lives of many seniors. You might be a good fit for a caregiver position with Comfort Keepers in Cleona, Pennsylvania if you are someone who is sensitive and considerate, and you also believe that doing a good job is directly related to one's personal success.

At Comfort Keepers, we respect values like kindness and dedication just as much as we do knowledge and efficiency, and we reward our employees for their efforts with a competitive salary and paid time off, among other benefits. When we bring on new members of staff, we welcome them into our family and consider them to be a vital part of our business. We work hard to create a compassionate work environment because we know how it affects our clients and their families.

What Exactly Does the Role of a Caregiver Entail?

People who provide assistance and comfort to others who have temporary or permanent limits as a result of disease, accident, or disability are known as caregivers. Caregivers are responsible for monitoring their clients' overall well-being and assisting them with daily activities, but they also perform numerous other duties both inside and outside the home. In addition to helping their clients remember to take their medications at the correct time, caregivers may also provide the following services to their clients:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively with medical professionals, the client’s families, and the client themselves

  • Assistance with bathing or washing, clothing, and general grooming for those who have difficulties moving around or doing so on their own

  • Offering transportation to clients who have scheduled medical appointments

  • Preparation of meals and enjoying them with their client

  • Straightening up the house and doing light chores

At Comfort Keepers, we take a holistic approach to providing care for our clients, and our caregivers simply help them have the greatest day that is physically possible. Even though this may appear to be a large canopy under which a wide variety of possible responsibilities may be found, providing care is about routines as much as it is about anything else. Our caregivers are committed to our goal of giving high-quality in-home care so that our loved ones can stay in their own homes, where they feel safe and comfortable.

How Will the Profession of Caregiving Evolve in the Years to Come?

The field of caregiving is experiencing robust growth. The live-in caregiver industry is expected to grow by 38% over the next five years, and salaries for live-in caregivers have increased by 26% over the same time period. Some people try to increase their chances of finding work by getting occupations in the senior care industry, such as live-in caregiving positions, and there are some caregivers who enjoy their jobs so much that they feel compelled to move up in their careers. This leads them to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs), a job that is also in high demand. Comfort Keepers gives our caregivers the chance to grow professionally into the best versions of themselves by giving them opportunities to learn new skills all the time.

The needs of our population for care at home are expanding rapidly and will have a much bigger effect on the future of healthcare in the United States. As long as scientific and medical advancements enable people to live longer lives, and as long as COVID and other diseases like cancer and heart disease continue to thrive, the healthcare system will continue to be stretched tight. As a direct consequence of this, there will always be care jobs available, ranging from in-home caregivers to private-duty nursing jobs and CNA roles that can be either full-time or part-time.

As the baby boomer generation keeps getting older, the number of people in their golden years will keep increasing substantially over the next ten or twenty years. Naturally, as these seniors get older, they will have increased needs for care and attention. It is easy to see how a career in in-home care can be a stable and potentially lucrative option when this data is combined with the fact that rural healthcare is in crisis, with nearly 30 percent of America's rural hospitals set to close in the near future, making it easy to see how an in-home care career can be a viable option. There is a considerable need for caregivers at every level of care; are you the kind of compassionate and empathetic person who can meet it?

What Characteristics Make Someone a Reliable Caregiver?

People whose jobs include giving in-home care usually have multiple tasks that cover a wide range of activities, so it might be hard to say which quality is the most important for being a good caregiver. At Comfort Keepers, we prefer to think of our caregivers, along with the rest of our team, as dynamic agents who are responsible for good and long-term change.

The job requires as much mental effort as it does physical effort, and organization is the key to keeping track of various client information and preferences. Every day, you will be responsible for helping your client get ready to face the outside world in a dignified way. Our older relatives have a very difficult time with even the most fundamental parts of maintaining their dignity, such as cleanliness and grooming. 

You may also assist with basic household chores or chat with a member of your client’s family about something that needs to be implemented or worked out. If the client needs certain ingredients for a pie that they wish to bake, you will accompany them to the grocery store as well as assist them with making the dessert if necessary. You will also take them to places like the park, a coffee shop, or the zoo if they wish to get some fresh air, serving both as support and as companionship for them in the process. Your presence and willingness to assist are directly proportional to their level of happiness, and here is the secret to making sure they are content no matter what you do: always address them by name and treat them with the dignity and respect that they are due. Communication is an important part of the program because it can help seniors stay calm and collected.

The way that meals are made is a great example of how close the caregiver and client are to each other. Not only do caregivers prepare meals for or alongside their clients, but they also eat alongside them. Many clients have said that they feel most connected to their caregivers when they talk about life while they wait for the soup to cool down. 

What Does a Day in the Life of a Caregiver Look Like?

There are numerous advantages to pursuing a career in the caregiving profession. This sector is expected to experience massive growth in the near future, and you can also make a good living in it. At Comfort Keepers, everything boils down to a matter of respect: we respect our employees and want them to recognize that so that they can concentrate on doing a good job for our company. As a direct consequence of this, we offer more than just remuneration that is comparable to the market. The following are some of the additional benefits that come with working with our company:

  • Retirement Assistance for Employees (401K)

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance are all accessible.

  • Benefits such as Paid Time Off, Holiday Pay, and Mileage Reimbursement are provided.

What are People Saying When They Talk About Comfort Keepers?

It would be easy for us to talk about how great it is to work in the in-home care business, especially for our own company, but we are just as happy to let others do the talking for us. For instance, experts in our industry have acknowledged the level of dedication we have to achieve our goal of compassionate caregiving. In 2018, the National Business Research Institute gave the Circle of Excellence award to Comfort Keepers. 

Newsweek has been doing a study called "America's Best Customer Service" for the past two years, and we have always gotten a higher score than any other in-home care company for having the best customer service. Peer reviews such as this one confirm the strength and worth of our mission, which is to elevate the human spirit of our clients. This goal is achieved through the important work that we do as caregivers in the in-home care industry.

Awards are fantastic recognitions, but they do not reveal the whole picture. Because the caregivers who work for Comfort Keepers leave such a strong impression on their clients, it is essential to find the proper people to fill these positions. We work hard to stay at the top of our field and give our customers high-quality products and services, and we are very careful when we hire, train, and check out each of our caregivers. We know that they are the key to our success, which is why we take such good care of them. Comfort Keepers' goal, from the top down, has been to give their clients great days for more than 20 years. Quality days ultimately lead to quality lives.

Because we are insured, most of our clients say they have no worries about hiring Comfort Keepers to care for their elderly or disabled loved ones. Others have expressed that they will be eternally grateful to us, not only for the fact that we made things so positive and serene for their elderly loved ones, but also for the fact that the logistics that we arranged made their lives that much simpler. A lot of people additionally highlight the fact that our services are superior to those provided by nursing homes.

There are plenty of testimonials, but one of our customers summed it up the best when she noted that not only are our caregivers prompt and neat, but they also help out wherever it is needed. Simply put, our caregivers provide assistance whenever and wherever it is required.

When we do lose caregivers, however, they typically have positive things to say about Comfort Keepers, which is something we take pride in. Nearly all of our previous workers who have taken the time to submit reviews on job search websites like Indeed have nothing but positive things to say about their time spent working here.

The fact that Comfort Keepers is a kind and compassionate employer that also provides a good working environment is one of the most noteworthy aspects of the company.

This can be shown in different ways, like by asking for a different work schedule or being able to take the weekend off. Our goals and our practices are perfectly aligned with one another. We are kind and supportive to people who we anticipate will be kind and supportive to their customers, and we find it difficult to imagine how it could operate any other way.

Why Should You Consider Applying for Jobs in the Caregiving Industry?

Those who are able to lead with their hearts are the most effective caregivers. They maintain composure in the face of difficult work situations, and they develop strong relationships with their clients. If you possess these traits and are looking for a job that will fulfill both your heart and your wallet, you should think about pursuing a career in the in-home care industry. The caregiving positions available at Comfort Keepers in Cleona, PA provide possibilities to become deeply ingrained in our kind and welcoming culture. If you have any questions about how you might advance your career as a caregiver, feel free to contact us at (717) 954-0110 today. You never know when you might find yourself representing Comfort Keepers in the future.