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Comfort Keepers Employee and Caregiver Reviews in Claremont and Upland, CA

Our support team and caregivers have an incredible network of exceptionally caring people who chose Comfort Keepers. Read more about what people are saying about Comfort Keepers in reviews for our in-home care, employment, and local franchise ownership.

Hear from our Caregivers

Jamie has been working as a Comfort Keeper® since 2015. She goes above and beyond with each client and strives to always put a smile on her clients faces by encouraging them to participate in things that bring them joy.

Viviana lives by the Comfort Keepers mission of "Elevating the Human Spirit" by making sure she is delivering a daily dose of joy to each of her clients and their families.

Janine feels that her caregiving comes from the heart. Her office says that she is one of the Comfort Keepers® that you can put in any situation or environment because you are 100% confident she will bring joy with just a smile.